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Thousand years history, barokk environment, tasty wines, hospitality and colourful programs waiting for you in Eger. A city full of legends 130km far from Budapest.

Visit Eger

Eger was founded in 1004 A. C. and became one of the main centers of Christianity in Hungary. Situated on the banks of the Eger stream, embraced by enchanting hills Eger has a peaceful, harmonious and moving atmosphere, a perfect getaway for quality relaxation. Eger is one of Hungary’s most famous towns with its glorious historic heritage, noteworthy monuments, excellent wines and natural healing water springs.


Eger is an elegant bath town. The water related buildings are worth visiting as for their architecture but it is better to discover the well situated bath in the innercity to cool down in the summer heat. Eger has miraculous thermal water. The bath recalls us the civilian times and there are now two more big swimming pools built. Furthermore there is a health-park and the unique Turkish bath. Good news for bathing fans! In the 3-30-km sorrounding area of Eger there are baths of individual character and services: In Egerszalók, Bükkszék, Mezőkövesd, all of them are waiting for visitors with renovated baths.

Top Events

As the bad weather passes the festival season starts in Eger as well! During the year there are plenty of cultural, gastronomical, and musical festivals: Spring Festival, Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) Weekend, Palinka festival, Beer festival, Street musician festival and the one that cannot be missed: Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood) Wine Celebration, every year the same time. Choose one or more festivals to your liking!

Wine tasting

If you want to taste the wines of Eger first you should visit the well-known and loved wine valley: Szépasszony-valley (The Valley of the Beautiful Woman). This is an island of peace and happiness. Come here with your sweetheart, family or friends, you will have good time on the terraces, in the green environment or in cooler times in the cellars. It is as if the time has stopped here a little or only we would like it so...?


The gastronomical offer is amazing by itself. In summertime the city becomes one big restaurant because of the many small terraces. You can choose restaurants to your mood or by the view. You can try fine dining delicacies or street food variations, you can eat fast or slow enjoying the flavours just to your liking. The coolest in Eger is that everything is within walking distance so you do not have to abandon even wine tasting.

Do & See

People say Eger is "a small jewelery box". The castle of Eger is a national memorial site and a half-day program itself, but there are other museums, churches, Turkish memorial constructions that are waiting for you.