Ciudad Real

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Ciudad Real

Forever immortalised as the setting for Don Quixote's misadventures, the beautiful medieval city of Ciudad Real is just a short train journey from Madrid or Seville. Remnants of ancient city walls, churches galore and spectacular cuisine based primarily on cheese, cured meats and wine are but some of the reasons to visit.

The City

Ciudad Real's fascinating history begins in the 13th century, when it was founded by King Alfonso the Wise. Throughout most of its history its diverse population comprised Christians, Muslims and Jews, and these mixed influences are visible still in the city. Little remains of the four kilometres of walls that once surrounded the city, protected by 130 towers, but remnants of those times can still be found scattered around town, the most notable example being the famous Puerta de Toledo. Looking at a map, the historic centre is still clearly identified, marked by where the walls once stood, and the modern city radiates from that centre. It is a small and walkable area, but it packs a punch when it comes to things to see, with beautiful buildings, pleasant squares and labyrinthine alleyways.

Do & See

Ciudad Real is a city of churches and cathedrals, each more impressive than the last. Be sure to also walk through the winding alleys in the historic centre, and marvel at the imposing Puerta de Toledo, a remnant of the ancient city walls.


The best of Mediterranean cuisine is on offer at Ciudad Real's great selection of restaurants, cafes, and bistros. Meat dishes feature heavily on menus, as do some seafood and a slew of creative fusion dishes. If you're looking for a light snack, tapas bars are ubiquitous and offer small bites on a budget. Of course, no meal would be complete without a bottle of the region's finest wines.


Most cafes in Ciudad Real double as full restaurants or bars, and are thus worth visiting at any time of day or night, and their offering goes well beyond just coffee and pastries. That said, be sure to try a homemade dessert or churros dipped in thick hot chocolate at one of the city's many establishments for a memorable experience.