Dusit and Northern Bangkok

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More than any other neighborhood in the city, this area north of Banglamphu seems calm and orderly. Its tree-shaded boulevards and elegant buildings befit the district that holds Chitlada Palace, the official residence of the king and queen. The neighborhood's layout was the work of King Rama V, the first of the country's monarchs to visit Europe. He returned with a grand plan to remake his capital after the great cities he had visited. Dusit is a sprawling area, but luckily the major attractions—the Dusit Zoo and the numerous museums on the grounds of Vimanmek Mansion—are close together.


Chitlada Palace

The king used to reside at this palace across from Dusit Park. Although it's closed to the public, the outside…

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Dusit Zoo

Komodo dragons and other rarely seen creatures, among them the Sumatran rhinoceros, are on display at this charming little zoo.…

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Vimanmek Mansion

The spacious grounds within Dusit Park include 20 buildings you can visit, but the mansion, considered the largest golden-teak structure…

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