São Paulo

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Frevo is a longstanding snack bar that is hugely popular with the young crowd and students of São Paulo. Come here for a casual lunch at a good price, and be sure to try the famous "beirute" — a Brazilian sandwich influenced by Syrian-Lebanese cuisine made with pita bread and filled with roast beef, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.


Coffee is a fundamental part of Brazilian culture. “Cafézinho” (small coffee) is a symbol of hospitality throughout the country and is the most common type of coffee style served here. These small cups of strong, black coffee are enjoyed throughout the day — and hot, despite Brazil’s warm climate. Paulistanos love a good bakery or as they like to call it "padoca" (short for padaria). They’re almost like extensions of their homes. Most locals love to drink a “pingado” (coffee with a dash of milk, similar to ‘cortado’) and eat a “pão na chapa” (toasted bread, done on a grill or hot plate).