Rua 25 de Março

São Paulo

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Rua 25 de Março

If you like cheap shopping, you should visit Rua 25 de Março. Located in the centre of São Paulo, Rua 25 de Março is one of the most popular shopping streets in the country as well as the largest shopping centre in Latin America. Here, you'll find everything you need — and probably things you had no idea you needed, too. Cosmetics, craft supplies, clothes, decorations, costumes, toys, and so much more, all sold at low cost. Be sure to bring cash with you and be very careful with your belongings.


São Paulo's shopping possibilities are extensive and the city offers lots of intriguing browsing. The success of São Paulo Fashion Week has drawn many top designers here but there are other delights on offer, from food markets to huge air-conditioned shopping malls. The main shopping hub is in Centro around the Praça da Republica, particularly off Avenida Iparanga and Rua 25 de Março.