New York Café


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New York Café

Located in the Boscolo Hotel proudly towering above the Grand Boulevard, the "most beautiful café in the world" is Budapest's sparkling jewel still evoking bygone grandiose times. Whether a sumptuous feast or a slice of creamy cake, New York Café provides a majestic setting to indulge in traditional flavours.


From opulent, fin de siècle cafes to new wave coffee houses, Budapest never fails to entice lovers of caffeine. Confectioneries too abound to offer you traditional Hungarian desserts--make sure to try a good strudel or kürtőskalács, a spit cake best had with a cinnamon coating (look in markets or Váci street). Winter favourites include walnut puree with whipped cream and flódni, a rich dessert layered with poppy seeds, walnut, and apple.