Café Royale


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Café Royale

If you want to take a rest from the heat, you can do so at this air-conditioned cafe, serving their signature sizzler brownie with ice cream. Cafe Royale has Hollywood-inspired artworks decorating its walls, as well as a live orchestra to complement your meal.

Useful Information

  • Address: Oriental Mansion Building, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 22 2288 3985
  • Opening House: Daily 11am–00.30am
  • More Info: a5e22446b5b1c95bda8040b06fdf328252ea6b9d


With its own coffee culture and as a vibrant and constantly growing center, Mumbai boasts a wide range of cafeterias and afternoon tea spots. From happening cafes to elegant lounges, the city doesn't lack destinations for coffee connoisseurs and, considering the wide and diverse offer, there won't be difficulties in finding a place that best fits your needs. Mumbai in the morning is a unique experience; bustling with people since the early hours, it offers the freshest ingredients and an ample variety of dishes from different culinary traditions. Breakfast tends to have rice or vegetable-based dishes, with a spicy touch that is ideal for a kick-start to the day.