Golden Punjab


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Golden Punjab

At Golden Punjab you can sample a variety of Punjab food and Tandoori Chicken. Chinese specialties and sandwiches are also offered, as well as both vegetarian and meat-based curry. Reservations can also be made for their party hall.


Renowned for its vast street food culture, Mumbai´s streets bustle with food vendors and diverse stalls. Mumbaikars from all walks of life pour down the crowded streets indulging in the numerous delicacies the city has to offer, in a tradition that dates back several years and reaches its peak in Mumbai. Regional Indian cuisine can be sampled at this city's main roads, offering insights into its culinary tradition. Pav bhaaji, a vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll, is a local speciality while Vada Pav, the poor man's burger and kebabs perfectly represent Mumbai and its thousands of flavors. Bhel puri, a sweet and sour dish made of deep fried pastry shells with onion, tomato and chili is a popular snack often linked with Mumbai's beaches. Locals tend to prefer grabbing some street food rather than going to the restaurant. However, this cosmopolitan hub has a long list of places to try - traditional Indian cuisine, Italian, Asian, the city is well equipped with every kind of exotic eatery.