Orient Express


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Orient Express

Hop on board the Orient Express heading towards a fun and unique Peruvian night. Decorated as an old European train carriage, this quirky little bar is the perfect spot to enjoy exclusive and classic cocktails, including the famous pisco sour, along with some snacks and good music in an intimate atmosphere with the flair of a bygone era. Make sure to call ahead for reservations.

Bars & Nightlife

When it comes to partying, Limeños surely know how to have a good time. In Lima, nightlife kicks off around 11 pm, and most bars and clubs are located in Miraflores and Barranco. From local watering holes and fancy cocktail bars to the traditional peñas, there is something for every mood around here. And the pisco sour – Peru's national drink – still reigns supreme. Be aware that some nightclubs might be brothels in disguise and also that prostitution is legal in Peru. If possible, avoid the city center at night. Here are the best bars and nightclubs in Lima, Peru: