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Sometimes all you're after is a good American style burger and Papacho's delivers it like no other place. Plus, they give a Peruvian touch to your patty just to remind you of where you are. On the menu you'll also find a great selection of salads, tacos, Sundaes with homemade ice cream and for the herbivores out there, they grill up some pretty tasty veggie burgers as well. Great service and a fun atmosphere complement your Papacho's experience.


Stretching from the Andean Mountains to the Amazonian jungle to the fresh waters of the Pacific, the Peruvian cuisine is a true reflection of the country's incredible biodiversity. Lima, as the center of it all, presents you with a top-notch gastronomic experience. Known as the “Gastronomy Capital of Latin America," this city is a genuine culinary hot spot. From tiny holes-in-the-wall to three restaurants on the list of the world's best, food here is a serious matter. At the forefront is the good old ceviche, the country's national dish. Also worth trying is the lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), anticuchos de corazón (skewers of grilled hearts), and the ají de gallina (spicy chicken stew), this apart from the popular fusion cuisines Nikkei and Chifa. Discover the top restaurants in Lima, Peru: