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El Cacaotal

For the largest selection of Peruvian chocolates, pay a visit to El Cacaotal, the place where chocolate lovers have no trouble satisfying their sweet tooth cravings. More than just a chocolate wonderland, this shop aims to provide a true immersion into the world of this sweet delight. Here, you learn not only about the roots of each chocolate bar and the manufacturing process but also about the artisans behind them. Great place to stock up on treats for the friends back home.

Useful Information

  • Address: Jirón Colina 128, Barranco
  • Email: elcacaotalperu@gmail.com
  • More Info: www.elcacaotal.com
  • Address: Mon - Thu: 11h - 20h, Fri: 11h - 19h, Sat: 11h - 20h, Sun: 11h - 18h
  • More Info: www.facebook.com/elcacaotalperu

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