Chinese Pilot Jao Da


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Chinese Pilot Jao Da

A longstanding nightlife venue holding a near-legendary status, the bar is named after a semi-fictional character (17 stories of his life and adventures adjourn the walls). Live music is often played here, and the crowd is known for being exceptionally welcoming.

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The nightlife scene in Moscow is varied, and long gone are the days when the only kind of venues in operation were luxury establishments guarded by stern-looking bouncers. Although some places still enforce FC/DC, many are now leaning towards a more casual approach to entry - the recent decade has seen a rise in the number of casual bars modelled after hip urban haunts of West European capitals. Wine bars, craft breweries, bohemian cafes, indie bars, and glitzy nightclubs are all to be found in abundance, spread throughout the city's many neighbourhoods. And here are the best bars and nightclubs in Moscow, Russia: