Bar Málaga


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Bar Málaga

Bar Málaga brings the Malagan spirit to Castilla! This classic tapas bar is a genuine and cool spot, which specializes in potato based tapas - a specialty from Málaga. The main feature is the amazing "patatas al remolino", but you can also eat other tapas such as the fried squids.

Bars & Nightlife

Valladolid is a university town, resulting to a great local bar scene. Be warned though, Valladolid is a Spanish city and nightlife kicks off late. Eat dinner at ten, and then move on to a bar or three before checking into a nightclub at two or three in the morning. Don’t worry too much about your beauty sleep – that’s why Spain and its inhabitants invented the siesta. At night, the air is cooler and the young Spaniards emerge to party through until dawn. Valladolid has an energetic night scene: you may not be home in time for breakfast.