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The police force in the Republic of Ireland is called the Garda Síochána ("Guardians of the Peace," in English), usually referred to as the Gardaí (pronounced gar-dee). The force is unarmed and is headed by a government-appointed commissioner, who is answerable to the Minister for Justice, who in turn is accountable to the Dáil (the Irish legislature). Easily identified by their fluorescent yellow blazers in winter, or, if weather permits in summer, by a dark blue shirt and peaked cap, the Gardaí are generally very helpful. They, and all other emergency forces, can be contacted in the Republic of Ireland by dialing 999 (112, the European standard, is also used). These numbers connect you with local police, ambulance, and fire services. Expect a prompt response. The Garda Síochána website provides contact information for local stations.

In Northern Ireland the police force is the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). They are distinguished by their dark blue coats and white shirts. They can be contacted by dialing 999.


Consulate General of the United States. Danesfort House, 223 Stranmills Rd., Belfast, Co. Down, BT9 5GR. 028/9038–6100;

United States Embassy. 42 Elgin Rd., Ballsbridge, Dublin, Co. Dublin, 4. 01/668–8777;

General Emergency Contacts

Ambulance, fire, police. 999; 112.

An Garda Síochána.

Police Service of Northern Ireland.


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