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Hours of Operation

Most banks are open weekdays 10–2 and Saturday 10–noon, and most ATMs are open around the clock. International airports and some top hotels have 24-hour currency-exchange facilities, and the major American Express branches have extended hours for check cashing. Post offices are generally open Monday–Saturday 10–5.

Gas stations are usually open daily 6 am–10 pm. In larger cities, some stay open 24 hours.

Most museums are closed on Monday. Site museums (adjoining archaeological monuments) are normally closed on Friday.

Pharmacies are usually open daily 9:30–8, though in cities there are some 24-hour establishments. In some places you can also buy medications from the 24-hour pharmacies at large hospitals. (Note that in India pharmacies are called "chemists.")

Outside the major metropolitan areas, many shopkeepers close their establishments for lunch and an afternoon siesta. Some stores are closed Sunday.

Bars and nightclubs in the big cities are usually done by 2 am, although some local laws mandate much earlier closing times, sometimes as early as 11 pm.


India's fixed date national holidays are January 26 (Republic Day), August 15 (Independence Day), October 2 (Gandhi's birthday), and December 25 (Christmas). Endless festivals enliven—and shut down—different parts of the country throughout the year. Festivals often affect availability of travel connections or the time needed to reach the airport, so look into the holidays that are coming up as you plan your itinerary.


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