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Bus Travel

Bus travel isn't the safest or most comfortable way to travel in India, especially at night. Service within cities, especially in Delhi, is crowded and dangerous for women, with men literally hanging outside the bus (if they can manage to grab hold while the bus is still moving). The situation is a bit better in Mumbai, but a lack of published bus schedules and routes makes the city bus experience best left to locals or those who have time to figure it out. If you decide on bus travel between cities, try to take the most luxurious privately run air-conditioned coaches, (often Volvo buses, which are associated with high quality in India), and have a local travel agent make the arrangements. Buses rarely if ever have restrooms on board, but they usually stop every 2–4 hours at restaurants or roadside cafés so that passengers can use the restrooms and drink a cup of tea. It’s a good idea to bring earplugs or earphones, as many play Bollywood movies or music at high volumes.


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