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Taxi, Tuk-Tuk, and Songthaew Travel

Metered taxis, which can be flagged down on the street, are being introduced gradually in Chiang Mai, replacing the noisier, dirtier songthaews. The basic taxi charge is B30; you'll pay about B100 for a ride across the Old City. Tuk-tuks are generally cheaper than taxis, but you are expected to bargain—offer B20 or so less than the driver demands. The songthaews that trundle around the city on fixed routes are the cheapest form of transportation—from B25 per person if traveling with other people, but more if you hire the whole vehicle. If he has to make a detour, you'll be charged an extra B20 or so. Settle on the fare before you get in. If your Thai is limited, just hold up the relevant number of fingers. If you hold up three and your gesture evokes the same response from the driver, you'll be paying B30.


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