Group Sailaway & Incentives

Through our Group Sailway program, we will organize the perfect getaway at sea for business, sales-incentives, reunions, church groups, ship charters and new product introduction. tailors your meeting specifically to your needs, including the provision of auditoriums, audio-visual equipment and session meeting rooms. The Group Sailway Program creates a floating resort, taking your group meeting and transforming it into an exciting sea venture.


The Ultimate Benefit

The benefit your group needs more than any other is to know their package of choice is the best one in terms of cost-effectiveness and success. Group Sailway Program is a less expensive, and all-inclusive way to wow your group's members.

At no charge to you, we can show you the cost effectiveness of our program as compared to any land package you are considering. Let us present a proposal to you -- you'll quickly realize has the competition beat!

Where Would You Like to Go?

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