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Havana Music & Food is one of the coolest places to eat in Algiers. It has a relaxing, vaguely Cuban atmosphere and a stylish decor, and you will not only have some great food here, but also enjoy amazing live shows: musicians and flamenco dancers perform every weekend and on some Thursdays. The "Havana Nights" are always a lot of fun, but even if you decide to come by just for dinner you most certainly will not regret it.


The capital city of Algeria offers international cuisine as well as delicious local specialities. Among the typical ingredients of Algerian foods are fish, lamb, dates and olives seasoned with strong spices, such as coriander or cinnamon. Local dishes come in generous servings and are accompanied by couscous and various sauces. Prices are usually very low and only the high-class restaurants have the potential to break the bank.