A Bela Sintra

São Paulo

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A Bela Sintra

A Bela Sintra is an elegant eatery dedicated to showcasing the best of Portuguese cuisine. With a stylish, cosy ambience, this restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. The menu highlights seafood and meat dishes, including an extensive selection of bacalhau, or cod, dishes. Pair your meal with a choice from the restaurant's extensive international wine list, and you're sure to have a memorable evening.


São Paulo's best restaurants are to be found in the Jardins, Itaim Bibi, Pinheiros, and Vila Madalena neighbourhoods. However, for those on a smaller budget, you can get a delicious hearty meal at side street restaurants called "lanchonetes", which are a mix between a café and a bakery. The best non-Brazilian cuisine tends to be Italian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Japanese. The Portuguese restaurants are pretty spectacular too.