La Vigne Wine Bar (Naxos Town)


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La Vigne Wine Bar (Naxos Town)

Apart from its broad collection of local and international wines (organic wines and French champagne imports, for example), the La Vigne offers first-class dining on Greek, French, Asian and Caribbean cuisine-inspired dishes in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife in Naxos is relatively low-key, with only a handful of dance venues in operation. Most establishments are concentrated in and around the island's Hora and along the "Paralia" (waterfront), with a couple bars present in the majority of larger Naxian coastal settlements. The most popular format for whiling away an evening is savouring a drink at one of the many bars with a view — whether up on the Kastro or down by the water. The island also hosts two cultural festivals: the Naxos Festival (runs from the middle of July till September) and Domus Cultural Festival (from June to October), both featuring concerts, film screenings, and various art projects.