Gion District


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Gion District

Developed in the Sengoku period as a village for the visitors of the nearby shrine (Yasaka Shrine), the historic district is famous for being the home of geisha (the Japanese entertainment). Narrow streets dotted with teahouses, local eateries, traditional wooden houses, and bars and nightclubs are crammed with tourists from all over the world, wishing to see a geisha in their colourful kimono. The best way to explore the picturesque district is from Hanami-kōji street towards Shijō-dōri.

Do & See

Roaming around the charming Kyōto is a feast for the eyes. Visit Kyōto's landmarks, join a class of sadō (the Japanese tea ceremony), unwind in peaceful gardens, or head to Gion district to catch a glimpse of an elegant geisha.