Uhuru Park


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Uhuru Park

A 12-hectare oasis just outside the bustling Central Business District, Uhuru Park is a most beloved hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. It has seen several important events in history, and has managed to preserve its significance thanks to Nobel Peace Prise-winner Wangari Maathai, the most important environmental activist to date in Kenya.

Do & See

Nairobi may be the safari capital of the world, but you'll find that there's so much more to it: learn about rich Kenyan history or the life and traditions of the bomas communities, and immerse yourself in the plenty of fun and creative activities this vibrant city has to offer.


Although Nairobi is a perfect place to base yourself for any excursion in Kenya (Serengeti National Park in Tanzania takes no longer than a one-hour flight or a few hours' drive), fact is that you don't even have to set foot out of the city to find yourself in the midst of African wilderness.