The Pakistani


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The Pakistani

The Pakistani is located at the swanly Movenpick Hotel. They offer delicious Pakistani cuisine (grills and curries) in a sumptuous setting, with live entertainment of traditional song and chefs at work accompanying evening dining. No alcohol served.


Eating in Karachi is a gourmet's dream, with a seemingly endless selection of eateries: from the cosmopolitan finery of upmarket restaurants to the traditional delights served by street vendors. Among the most popular local dishes are nihari, a stew made from beef or lamb, and biryani; these are almost always accompanied by a variety of breads such as naan, paratha or chapati. After a rich, spicy meal it’s always nice to refresh the palate with one of the traditional desserts, a particular Pakistani favourite being kulfi (a variety of ice cream). Don’t forget to bring cash, as restaurants outside of the city centre may not take cards.