Mercado de Brujas


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Mercado de Brujas

Tucked away in the Gamarra Market – and actually unknown to some locals – is a peculiar area guaranteed to give you a bizarre, yet curious shopping experience. The Mercado de Brujas or Witches' Market specializes in traditional folk remedies as well as ritual items. It doesn't matter what kind of illness may be afflicting you, you're most likely to find an indigenous medicine to cure it. And as for the ingredients, expect something out of a Disney's witch potion. Frog juice, snake fat, monkey skulls, and dried llama fetus are just some of the main products here.


Shopping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Lima, but visitors soon discover that the city has no shortage of stores guaranteed to get your money’s worth. From your typical western malls to more traditional markets, the shopping scene in Lima is diverse and fits any kind of budget. Avenida de la Paz in Miraflores is known for its antique shops. Designer boutiques can be found at Calle de Los Conquistadores in San Isidro. Craft shops abound, offering that colorful handmade souvenir you desperately want to take home. Bargain hunters, that's your cue! And no trip to Peru is complete without that soft baby alpaca garment.