Granja M. Viader


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Granja M. Viader

Barcelona's traditional cafés are known as "granjas", and M. Viader may be one of the most famous. Opened in 1870, Granja M. Viader remains after all these years a great place to stop by for coffee, traditional desserts, pastries, and sandwiches, as well as to try the traditional cacaolat (a Catalan chocolate drink), always best paired with churros. The whole place oozes charm and personality, and staff and clientele alike ensure that it is always lively.


Barcelona's cafe culture is half Italian and comes with its own set of simple rules: café con leche (cafè amb llet in Catalan) is for breakfast, preferably with a croissant; mid-day, especially after a meal, the locals have an espresso, café solo (un cafè) or a cortado (un tallat), which is an espresso with milk (café Americano is what some would call watered-down versions of the two first coffees); in the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo — a café solo with Spanish brandy. And since you are in Barcelona, you cannot leave the city without having some crispy churros with a hearty cup of hot chocolate.